Enjoy a breath of fresh air in style with RetractaView™ by Wizard. RetractaView™ is the premium retractable screen door that allows you to accessorize your home without compromising its appearance and functionality. Wizard has used their 15 years of experience to build the best retractable screen on the market.


  • Standard Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • French Doors
  • Any Opening

Key Features & Benefits

  • Protection from Insects
  • Disappears While Not in Use
  • Custom Made
  • Professionally Installed

Warranty Information

Wizard stands behind our product by offering a limited lifetime warranty.

Product Benefits

No more bugs!

Who wants creepy critters setting up shop in their home? Stop mosquitos, blackflys, wasps and others from interfering with your health and comfort. RetractaView™ offers a solid line of defense against these unwanted house guests.

Increased Ventilation

Wizard products provide total top to bottom air ventilation through your doors. Increased airflow in a home is proven to be good for your health and can help prevent toxic mold build up.

Energy Savings

Air conditioning costs go down when you use open doors as the primary method of cooling your home.

UV Protection

RetractaView™ puts a layer of protection between you and the suns harmful UV rays. This keeps you safe. UV rays are the largest single factor in fading.

Appealing Design

RetractaView™ has been designed to look amazing while open or closed. You want a product that looks as great as your home does and we are more than happy to provide that.